You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you. Joseph Joubert

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Some tribal blood seeped in the mass and made the genetic clock strike an age each passing year…
Some tadpole songs and cricket lyric surge like volume in the tub of moody silence
Bandaged in brown paper and threaded in soul, the lips incorporate fabric passion.
I, remember the distance of grass between our thought-shops,
And darkness creeping silently, down the edge like a spider over its prey…
And the moon with the lamp in its womb
Seated on then floor of the firmament!

He, beaded his words like a careful monger selling marbles to instant urchins
The gossamer eyes plied his wits in deliberate smoke
That crawled out like a nested woman of the pipe…
The sweat of metal that perched on the steel bars
Sung more carefully in my hands
Than the beat that pierced my ears like fossilized danglers;
His generosity nevertheless shall nest in my cage forever…

The opium seller lived in the college backyard, in the woods among the silver poppies
In a little brown cottage with mermaid skin hung all over…
He planted some wild Sargasso in his bathing tub…
And culled his designs from the imprints on a snake’s body,
(You see them many sucking wine of the quintessential poppies!)
and from … the remnants confiscated by dreams that wreathe on the bed of the sea!
With red chords in the eyes that speak of the mutiny of inner manifestations…

Emotions breed in the hem of all our skirts: few seek refuge in the fresh beam o youth,
Few metamorphose into maturity with hard and stubborn wings
Few unlearn the poetry of its birth and few camouflages in the slightest ray of moment…
And some standstill in the breath of wind
When through the gates of silk-lane, counting beans of contemplation,
He unreels his self in stories of unarmed green knightsSurrendering to one smile wrecked face, laboring to survive amidst charming cactuses!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the dionysian Valve

Dionysus is drunk on weeds
Upon the metro pave-way
And a string of night
Like liquid carried down
The mound of his insane lips…

The missionary frog
With the Bible
Was forking out sermons
Of little songs struggling out of Eve’s coast;
Of sinuous apples in the sunset tree
Striking aloft among the Liatris punctata.

The surge of heads and limbs
Against the wind
Nude moon rapes the pleasure of silent eyes.
Dionysus, the old surreal
With evening enjoys the caress of grass
And thus how his vessel of music
Sails him down to the land of neurosis!

The is she, the Dionysian valve;
Evolved of the silver strained unicorns,
The evangelical Race
in lenient flesh and sublime face
melting in the infernal eyes

There she- the sunset tree
Amidst the aromatic herbs
Where songs for old Dionysus hurl out of her coast…
With the mast of her breasts;

awaits to be piously molested by the
rage of the sea carved horses;

Dionysus, you are drunk on weeds,
And now the Clouds too,
drunk on liters of miracles;
your maid, Race has cheated on you…
Now Clouds would claim your little songs,

the fruits of your sinuous Race!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A wish.

I pray to Jesus to reincarnate my soul into this tiny-wonder after the present chapter is over!

The Poet.Tree that speaks in verses!

Friday, June 27, 2008

I am evolving...

Midnight flashes
The Queen of Silence wakes up
To the choir of Moon-lit dreams
And leaves of flesh
Are lulled to sleep in the boughs
Of their dull-smoking love…

The streams of myth
Flows down the decadent hills
Queen of Silence calls
Fra Pandolf to weave a mask
of hers in the same colors…
But Pandolf’s brush was busy at me.

Duchess and dreams…
Dukes and diplomacy…
The Queen of Silence has read
Their motions, their appeals…
If for the stars, a tadpole sings
I’ll count the waves that thought would bring.

Walking over the silent hours
Did I trample over any dead muse?
For my dreams long time
Did subscribe to its honor
Does not post me any grace.
Is muse covered by the Gracious Queen?

The carpenter who taught me wizardry
Blowing through his hollow bones
The words of tall-standing palm-trees
Has told me…
If tonight the herd of dreams
would be seen along the river
He would trap one for me…

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


an asphalt tearing

the mirror as it sinks down

leaves nothing...

But what you would see



Monday, June 9, 2008

Music within and without.

The radio-skull
Play volume like dolls
Silence wounded- bleeding grape-wine
And the hand
Comes out, points me out to the Halloween eyes
Scattered all over the sky
Mary would not see her lamb again;
lost in the forces of music
Of the tribal hegemony…

Days are shameless
Repeating access to our activities
and the routine
Printed of the bony-machine.

Smoke of volume exalting high
Passion running down the kitchen-sink!

The skull turned off.
Noise quits confidently.
Silence wants a coffee!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

For my Professor

So innocently charming
The lips that you pout
In anger, in storm
On my mirror
And earth...

Like the bee that drone within
Your charm makes a clockwork salsa.

You call the doped colors of
The illustrated lanes…
And lull the hallucinated panthers
For the ethereal moon-dance.

But I, swear by the dust and dirt
that would ever dress the highway,
And the mud that would make your God
I see before my eyes
A draped analysis.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

When u r here..

Adoloscence is an Utopia...of strange symbols and feasts... When u run through it nothing but ur follies are ur friends... contd..

Sunday, June 1, 2008

the lingering silence....

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

to parjanya...

and if the leaves would refuse to sing...

the song would abandon his melody...

what if the night changes its complexion

and the gall would no more be poisonous?

nothing...these words would

remain as nonsense as ever they were...

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Madwoman

A knotted sack with
bones i suppose,
some dead flowers...
Tiny black wings
of a butterfly that is lost
and dust laden seeds of insanity.

...was resting on the pavement
aligning the murky way to the dead Church.

And i thought not to call the angels for her.

I thought not to disturb the resting soul

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Regaining Words

When blind metaphors
Walk under the neon lights
of the crossroads dissecting your mind...

When urban poets shop for words
On women's face and doping trams...
And silkworms weave silk over eyes...

I have bottled one sapling of dream
that has never grown leaves
But purple memories with black petals...

This is my comeback from Nirvana
I attained no salvation but
sold all my bones of hopelessness...

And I am back writing yet again!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Undressed Fancy

In my eyes, your thought, is a flower
wild and unknown
indulging me
intoxicating me
with in and out the realms of my dream.

There's a portrait in the blue canvas, painted
with the ink of my eye
Thirsty voice
lend me a pinch of life
Let my benumbed veins bring blood for my heart.

The cactus night withdrew its thorns
The glimmering moon fallen in water
in spite of envy
when she saw
us making love with each other


I stand
At a distance
Far away from where I should be…

I sit on the shoulders
Of a stone
And below me the revolting silence of the water…

I see the seagulls on the face of water
Searching for some bough to perch
I extend one arm…

I turn up at the blue to feel their love
But that they left me with-
is their haunting shrieks!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I just felt...

Imagination is like the firefly on my left eye
it attracts all my attention into oblivion

when i come back, few are still wriggling
like freshwater fish in the fisherman's basket.

Tennyson- A Reminisence

Now you have no more time in your hand
you have said all that you had to...
you have written all that you needed...
you solved few sums... formed few figures ....
....loved all women and sailed vast oceans ...

Now should he pulls down the Factory gate of life
Are you ready to sail off to the Land of Lotos Eaters?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grief on Stilettos

The blue eyed lamps look down at me
when i walk alone the Dark Street...
The wind plays the fingers on my ear-bones...
.... ..... .....
I turn my eyes behind to find
a shadow stalking Grief on high heels.