You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you. Joseph Joubert

Friday, June 27, 2008

I am evolving...

Midnight flashes
The Queen of Silence wakes up
To the choir of Moon-lit dreams
And leaves of flesh
Are lulled to sleep in the boughs
Of their dull-smoking love…

The streams of myth
Flows down the decadent hills
Queen of Silence calls
Fra Pandolf to weave a mask
of hers in the same colors…
But Pandolf’s brush was busy at me.

Duchess and dreams…
Dukes and diplomacy…
The Queen of Silence has read
Their motions, their appeals…
If for the stars, a tadpole sings
I’ll count the waves that thought would bring.

Walking over the silent hours
Did I trample over any dead muse?
For my dreams long time
Did subscribe to its honor
Does not post me any grace.
Is muse covered by the Gracious Queen?

The carpenter who taught me wizardry
Blowing through his hollow bones
The words of tall-standing palm-trees
Has told me…
If tonight the herd of dreams
would be seen along the river
He would trap one for me…


Parjanya said...
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Parjanya said...

haunting lines! your poetry almost always evolves towards a crescendo...."tonight...He would trap one for me"-- the entire poem is condensed into the majesty of this line....

ColorSpot said...

thanks...But the style is very unconscious. And It is you to point out to me the majesty of conclusion... Maybe All is well tht ends well. Thanks.

sharath krishnaswami said...

"But Pandolf’s brush was busy at me."

i was wondering if this was grammatically correct.
however, the poem was far too intricate for me to decipher.
good stuff.
but it could do with a little more structure.
i mean, one idea leads to one more, and that further leads to another one..
its a lil hard to get the gist of it.
challenging nevertheless.