You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you. Joseph Joubert

Sunday, November 29, 2009

twigs and spams

...All are eternally infatuated ....
Even fingers do it tenderly on a key-board
And violently within
This is in my twenties
I pee on plurality
It is all about you and me.

Under the roof of sunset
I loose the tap to break down
On my tired feet twitching over spam
i dab against the virgin twilight
and strike past the liquid mirror…

Wrap, unwrap
My words are well with
Or without braces
Sharp and strong on tender meat

you. You have never been yourself
like my words.
You are a well dressed being
With hooves and in hoses
You have been Brutus to your impulses

…And brutal to my poem.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Unprinted II

That apple you had from Eden

Is half-gotten down the pelvis

Of your throat

I just left a paint mark

To trace back in the event of fall

When nests are younger than supposed

Not loosing myself in the dearth of crayons

Its when the brown Vitruvius

Jumped out the tangle of cotton

And drilled in me fireflies

And a stark song hacked of his trunk.

Its when silence drummed aloud

The seven symphonies of sin

And the bed whistled

at Pleasure walking down..

Unprinted I

The first few days
the river is bright red
and then grief coiled in dead cells
pull out like a white print
the skull then winds the spool
ofundisturbed note for the remaining.


I never saw a monster
Nibbling at fables
I never saw a monster
Caressing my tender…

I have never felt cobwebs
Could knit a better winter coat
And the fume of mosquito coil
Would rage my indolent evening….

So much you can connect
Between the flute-stand the Octopus
resting down the pelvis.

; a window that transcends my height.
A shoal of life from the smoking nib…