You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you. Joseph Joubert

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thoughts of a local lotus

The pyrogenic
sun that debates love
is cubical at the order

a frog
an amphibian male
seeking the lotus shade
away from mathematical

* * *
The life of a seed
Is seeded in the fruit born of it
Psychology transcending from
And trickles down in darkness
Ink of dismissed liquid eye

across that window
The sun is shunning his eyebrows…

* * *
My stray dog
In search of bones and numbers
That labels
Wounded genitals
Of burnt prisoners
Huddling across the purple-stone bay

Cannibalism devours
Species of poetry
Not me
But the grey intellects
To bisect the
polemical beauty
Of sex
beneath every face…


Deeptesh said...

I found traces of voodoo surrealism in it.Or shall I say magic realism?Loved the way u threw sex and science into the mix....a strong coarse resonance.Great shades of dark poetry!!

Guitar George said...


WebbieLady said...

Deep...and ironic. I have never encountered such a unique poem as this before. Very unique idea.

ColorSpot said...


Thank you WebbieLady. I am really honoured. It's a nice feeling whn ol efforts r recognised...

Cody QP said...

Good things are rare in this world...
But in your blog it's very frequent!!