You will not find poetry anywhere unless you bring some of it with you. Joseph Joubert

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For my Brown Boy..

Can you paint a Winter landscape with
blue temples and puss and blood clot

a sex enchantress down the barberry isle,
in a lunar template, beside the lonely lake?

the occult priest can. One who prophesies
nightingales in the veins and slurp on beauty

and gaze at red kimono pinnacles
sugar dipped lips in ambiguous packs.

Black forest hunching on the shoulders
Of the red-wine woods and slit…

The priest is my man, my surrealist
Strumming the impulse and orgasm blues

Love stricken serpent, smoky path crawling
Playing the white keys of the pout keyboard

Grilling all that these bodies worth
Unison, a gamut of passion and apteryx!


Debs said...

This is wonderful.
Loved the movement of the layers.

Maverick said...
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a few from caledonia said...

if u dnt die out f luv, i wll surely kill u sumday.. m so jealous... :D.. grt work..!!!

ColorSpot said...

@a few from caledonia

I'll die. I'm passionate about death.
And shall lick death on its face with some chocolate and love...

Student for life said...

Thats lovely... dark but enchanting...

WebbieLady said...

SO deep and what can I say?
You liked "Kill Bill" with all those blood splashing around?

There's blood, winter, kimono and other related stuff that's why I asked.

By the way, congratulations for having this piece being the top pick in WOOF. ^^

Pseudo said...

@ Webbielady

Thanks Webbie lady...